Short Stories

Short Stories

I hope that you enjoy my poems and short stories, but please be aware that novels published under the name Philip Catshill deal with serious crime issues and are for ADULT READING ONLY.

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Resolution: Aspiring Writers Short Story Challenge [#AWSSC]is a group on where each month, writers are challenged to produce a complete story based on a given title that fits within the space of a LinkedIn comment, (1,000 characters). The January 2017 title was Resolution. The one word title could be interpreted in various ways. Resolution could be the name of a warship, a spaceship even, a promise, a problem solved, your New Year’s Resolution for 2017, or even one you made in a previous year but didn’t keep!
This is my entry.

The Speeder: A short story based on a real-life police experience!

Foiled: A short story based on a true event.

The Toy: The title for the Aspiring Writers Short Story Challenge [#AWSSC]for August 2016 was The Toy. Here is my entry.

The MissingShoe: This short story uses UK English spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The photograph represents one of the many ponies that roam freely in England’s New Forest. Although this is a work of fiction in that I never owned a horse, I lived on a small farm during my childhood. My Dad rented the fields to horse owners, and Siskin did shed a shoe or two. One of which, as a six year old, I nailed to the door. This was just the day after my Dad had painted the door, so for some mysterious reason, my effort invoked more trouble than luck. It did, however, leave some impressive holes in my Dad’s paintwork.

Grandfather’s Clock: This story isn’t true, but hopefully, it will rise a smile or two.

Mystery Ingredients: A short reflection that is a true story.

My First Job: Another short reflection which is a true story.

The Last Time I See Rosie: As police exhume a body, a man reflects on his marriage. A spooky short story for adult reading.

Away with the Fairies: The mind is a funny place for make believe. A spooky short story for adult reading.

Emmaline: Although this is a work of fiction, the events in this story often happen in the real world.

Granddad’s Christmas Tree: As I appear as a ghost in the final part of this story, I hope readers appreciate that the story is fiction. I am not yet dead!

Soft Red Hair: When a couple of newspaper hacks follow a story, the outcome is devastating for them and the rest of humankind!

Richard’s Lies: I entered this in a 500 word contest, and since it has formed part of one of my not-yet-published books.

Chocolate Fudge Kayak: This nonsense story is where my credibility as an internationally acclaimed crime fiction writer takes a nosedive!

I can’t say I remember: After a stroke, I had no memory. This is a competition entry for a non-fiction memoir.

Achieving FameS : This competition entry is an extract from a novel, reduced to fit the word count. As this is a “blind” voting contest, I changed the names of the characters. (UK English spellings)

The Intruder: This story was a competition winner! The rules required the use of the following words: breakfast, light, rock, phone, clock.

Mud Sticks : This is an adult story and you need to be over 18 and a member of Fanstory to read it.

Granddad’s Treasure: A story to make you say Ah…

Conversations with a King:A fiction based around the life of Henry Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII

Chester’s Christmas: For Chester, every Christmas Eve is the same. A seasonal ghost story.

Dan: A little imagination is all a child needs.

The dreaded moment: A complete story in 50 words! (With a free spelling error!)

Brazil: It was meant to be a game!


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