The Mike Newman series

1. For all Eternity

This is a book of FIVE short stories to introduce some of the characters from the Mike Newman Mystery Series. Some readers might be familiar with parts of this book as some chapters have been previously published as individual short stories.

1: Shackles and Tackles

The police officer and rugby player, John Collett asks Mike to be Best Man at his wedding.. Save for Mike, whom he has known since childhood, John is friendless, secretive and reluctant to share his problems. His police career is marred by his involvement with the deceased in an unsolved murder, where he remains the principal suspect. Despite his passion of open spaces, within weeks of knowing her, John marries the agoraphobic, shy and stammering Susan. When his mother falls ill, John finds he needs to enlist Mike's help and has to share one of his guarded secrets.

2. The Protégée.

Without having had a single date in her teenage years, the newly recruited policewoman Sandra falls head over heels in love with her appointed mentor, the gentle talking policeman Mike Newman, but Mike is already trapped in a loveless marriage. Sandra soon learns that Mike has steadfast, even old-fashioned morality. He cares about people and doesn’t walk away from anyone, let alone his adulterous wife.

3.Family and Fame

On their last day of working together, Mike introduces Sandra to two women at opposite ends of the social scale, yet they have something in common. Both believe corrupt police officers have let them down. One is the grotesque but colourful Josie Turner, the mother of the murder victim.

4: The Wife's Choice

Often described by his colleagues as naive, Mike Newman is shocked to discover that even serious crime is dismissed by his colleagues as a joke. When Mike discovers an unidentified colleague has committed rape and forced the victim into prostitution, he tries for promotion to fight the wave of corruption.

5: For All Eternity

Having gained his promotion, Mike will be transferred to a different station. Sandra Taylor, who has nurtured a secret love for Mike, is devastated. In the short time she has left, the inexperienced Sandra must prove her determination to love him, or lose him for all eternity, and not a single day less, but Mike's adulterous wife has other ideas.

Adult Content

I hope you enjoy this introduction and are sufficiently tempted to follow the series.

This book is for adult reading only.

Sandra and Mike's relationship is explored further in: Who Else is There?

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2. Who Else is There?

Independent Author Network Awards Finalist (2015)

Best Indie Book Awards Finalist (2015)

This novel is part of a series. In order to follow the sometimes complex emotional interactions involving the principal characters, the author recommends these novels be read in series order.

"Who Else is There?" is preceded by "For All Eternity" and followed by "Suffer Little Children"  

This novel doesn’t glorify violent crime but tackles the emotional damage such crimes inflict on the victims.  One such victim is the recently promoted police sergeant, Mike Newman.  During an assault, Mike suffers a brain injury and is left for dead. After resuscitation, his mind conjures up images of his attacker’s other victims. Following a major assault on Mike’s doctor, detectives link the attacks to an unsolved murder from ten years before.  The behaviour of Mike’s friend and fellow policeman, John Collett, makes him the prime suspect. Although the evidence against him seems overwhelming, Mike’s images lead him to doubt his friend’s guilt.  When some police officers turn to crime on an unprecedented scale, the line between good and evil is eroded. More than once in this novel, we are left with the question, if you can’t trust the police, Who Else is There?

First published August 2011

Revised Edition May 2013.

Strictly for adult reading only.Ebook downloads

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3. Suffer Little Children

Some readers might find the content of this book disturbing.

This story includes reference to INTENT to commit a serious crime involving children, and the RESCUE before that crime is committed. As that is the case, you can safely assume not all reviewers have read the book.

"Suffer Little Children" is the third in the series and is preceded by "Who Else is There?" and followed by "Penalty for Murder". In order to follow the emotional interactions involving these characters, the author recommends these novels be read in series order.

The Mike Newman Mysteries are set in the fictitious English city of Hartingham, where in the 1980s, police officers turned to corruption as a means to supplement their income. A minor bribe under the guise of a brown envelope passing from an errant motorist to an obliging traffic officer is bad enough, but these officers are long since past the brown envelope stage. In Senley Ash, a suburb of Hartingham, corruption has spread through the ranks of the police. Formed into a secret group, the so-called Brethren are pledged on pain of death to support fellow members whatever the crime. The previous novel in this series put murder, rape and extortion on the list.

Suffer Little Children is a powerful story which explores the relationship between children and those who are meant to care for them, whether that child has grown to be a policeman grieving for his deceased mother, the privately educated stepdaughter of a member of parliament, a father and son suffering the long term effects of crime and bereavement, a perpetual criminal and his errant offspring, a deranged daughter who delighted in her father’s “suicide”, or Mike Newman and his daughters: nine-year-old Rebecca and seven-year-old Emma.

Since Police Sergeant Mike Newman suffered a stroke six months before, his daughters, Rebecca and Emma have been in the care of his sister-in-law and her policeman husband, Peter Stillerton. On the day that Peter leaves her, she attacks the children, but Vince, a recently bereaved policeman who works with Peter, rescues them. The deranged woman visits a derelict church and finds a long forgotten priest hole. Inspired by the words “Suffer Little Children” on a stained glass window, she plans to abduct the children in order to make them suffer. With the release from prison of a known paedophile, leading echelons of the Brethren make their own vile plans to extract revenge on Mike Newman by abducting his children.

At the end of the novel, “Who Else is There?” Mike Newman confronts a gunman and is stabbed and shot. While he is in hospital, his children are abducted on their way to school. Mike finds an ally in the daughter of an MP when she reminds him that their paths have crossed before, (as some readers may recall from the novel “For All Eternity.”) Mike leaves the hospital to join the search for his daughters. Mike is accused of provoking a race riot, during which a policeman dies. In his absence, a man is murdered in his hospital bed. The MP, who once dubbed him as the Hero of Hartingham, assisted by officers from the Brethren, leads a press campaign against Michael “Mad Maverick” Newman, and Mike finds his status moving quickly from hero to zero and beyond.

Not able to assist in the search for his daughters Mike and his new friend focus their attention on the hospital murder. With his stroke damaged brain, wife still missing, a new issue confronting his personal relationships, and the occasional dead person intruding into his hallucinations, Mike is still struggling to come to terms with both his physical and mental limitations.


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4. Penalty for Murder

Having lost his home and wife to gambling debts, Detective Sergeant "Flash" Foster is blackmailed into the joining the Brethren, a corrupt band of police officers. The death of a childhood friend gives him an unexpected opportunity to escape and leave his worries behind, but first, he intends to extract revenge on his tormentors.

Meanwhile, with the local member of parliament scheming to have Mike locked away, a mysterious woman determined to kill him and the threat of arrest for his wife's murder, in this gripping adventure, Mike Newman once again fights against the odds as he tries to discover who killed the mysterious woman in green.

Recommended for adult reading only.

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Penny For Them

Penny for Them is  Awesome Indies Approved

"No one should ever underestimate my stepfather or the extent that he would go to extract revenge." (Penelope Wilkes aka Polina Trafimovich, Gretta Schimdt, Amelia Müller, Josefa Fördern.)

Penelope is the privileged stepdaughter of a former Government Minister, Henry Kendall-Wilkes. News of his death brings her out of hiding, so for the first time she is able to recount the story of espionage and deceit that put her life in danger thirty years before.

A few days before the Falklands Conflict in 1982, Penelope witnessed murder and mayhem on the streets of Hartingham in central England as an armed diamond robbery left carnage in its wake. After her threat to expose her stepfather's involvement in this and other crimes, he orders her death. However, with the South Atlantic crisis looming, the British Government needs his expertise, which protects him from prosecution.

After being sworn to secrecy, Penelope or Penny is persuaded to leave aside her privileged upbringing and unconventional occupation as she is recruited into the world of deceit and intrigue. The secret mission to bring her real father’s murderer to justice leads her into an adventure which culminates in Argentina at the outbreak of hostilities.

It is not only a killer she discovers. In this gripping adventure, Penny becomes involved in an intricate web of deception where, except for a favoured few, no one can be trusted.

At last, Penny can reveal how the pursuit of a killer led her to romance, danger, and a bag full of diamonds.

“…you won’t want to stop reading until the last word…”

Recommended for adult reading only.

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The Flower Angel

Some readers might find the content of this book disturbing.

After being sold into child prostitution by her mother, a pregnant girl is taken into foster care. Medical records confirm she underwent a termination, but the girl is convinced her baby survives, Determined to lead an independent existence, she reopens her mother’s flower shop, and offers a home to men who have been accused of child abuse. Within days of returning to a hostel for the homeless, the men die in mysterious circumstances. Suspicion directs detectives towards the Flower Shop.

Years later, on what would have been her child’s eighteenth birthday, Angel finds disturbing evidence that suggests her daughte did survive.and is once again persuaded once again to avenge the victims of child abuse.

Adult content.

Recommended for adult reading only.

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