Welcome to my Website

As Serif Webplus no longer offer Web hosting, I am rebuilding my website in WordPress, so some pages are not yet active.

Thank you for popping into my Website. 

While you are here, you might like to  browse through my paintings, read one of my poems, or even read a short story or two!

There is also an “About Me”page, which some have described as “inspirational.”

Most important though, is not who I am, but what I do! And what I do is to support other writers and artists in every way that my limited abilities allow. I’ve created websites, designed book covers, and applied my recently learned editing and proofreading skills. And I do all this for FREE! Yes, I do mean FREE as in NO CHARGE whatsoever! Although I admit straight away, some visitors to this website as well as grateful authors have been generous enough to reward my services by depositing a gift into my PayPal account, so if you feel like sending a gift… well, my PayPal account is the same as my email, which is philip.catshill@gmail.com.

In 2018, I became the voluntary (unpaid) administrator of the prestigious Awesome Indies Book Awards, so it is natural that I should support authors by listing books that have been recognised for quality. (I also promote these books on  Twitter.) 

I suppose that somewhere on this page, I should mention my books. My stroke memoir Never Say I Can’t (…after stroke) has earned international recognition from several agencies including The Writers’ Digest, and a few of my novels have reached the final rounds of various competitions.

I am also an Amazon authorised Associate, so I am able to promote any Amazon listed product, including books for other writers!