Okay, you don’t believe me, but it’s true.

All you have to do is ask.

If I have the time and the task is within my capabilities, it will be done.

Of course, there’s a catch. These days, I can’t work longer than a few minutes at a time before succumbing to exhaustion, so these activities take me a tad longer to complete.

I don’t work under pressure.

So now you believe me. I am a disabled wreck of a man who will probably never be fit enough for full time work again, but I do have a couple of brain cells which are not yet ready to give up.

If I can use them to help a fellow writer, I will.

For instance,

I do this for no charge whatsoever, because I believe we should all give what we are capable of giving, and one day, one of the authors I’ve helped will sell a million books and remember me with a great big cheque!

We can all dream!

Please take a moment to look around..... Before you start though, there is something about me you ought to know.

I call it my raison d'être - my purpose or reason for being.

I am here with time to spare which I give freely to  support, help, advise or guide fellow writers and artists whenever and wherever I can.

Free = You don’t pay a penny!

The Gallery pages show you some of my paintings, many of which portray my passion for the ballet.

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So take your time, enjoy your visit and remember, if there is anything I can do to help you, just ask.

If time and my health allows, consider it done.

Thank you for popping into my Website.

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I guess I’m the same as all writers in that I want to know what my readers think about my work.

When you have finished reading one of my books, please consider leaving a few words in a review.

Fan Message Update: November

I’m in the final stages of editing The Flower Angel which should be ready for Christmas. By tradition, I submit my novels to Hannah Ferguson, who is a first rate  literary agent. I don’t bother with other agents. So far, Hannah has sent me six rejection letters. This will be the seventh. Maybe seven will be my lucky number!

The Flower Angel tackles another path where other authors seem reluctant to tread.

Years after being sold into child prostitution by her mother, while still an underage teenager, a pregnant girl is taken into foster care. Determined to lead an independent existence, the girl re-opens her mother’s flower shop.

Detectives become curious by the increasing number of apparent suicides at a hostel for homeless men. Each suicide is associated with a man accused of sexual crimes involving children. When detectives consider the suicides are too frequent to be coincidental, flowers at a funeral turn their enquiries towards the flower shop.

While writing this novel, I became aware of television news reports of yet another child abuser having received a few years of imprisonment for his crimes.  Little is said of the victim, whom I believe will serve a life sentence of her own. During the time I served in the UK police in the 1970s, I became aware of cases involving child sexual abuse where both victim and perpetrator were related and living in the same house.

At that time, without corroboration or confession, gaining a conviction was nigh on impossible. It seemed grossly unjust that in some cases, the only solution afforded to the police lay in removing the victim to a place of safety, which usually involved foster care. I realized then as now, in this crime, the innocent receive the punishment and often live with the blame. Recent news media events have brought many historical crimes back into public awareness. High profile celebrities receive convictions and sentences for violations they committed twenty, thirty or forty years ago.

In this fictional story, I have written the narrative in the present tense to emphasise that in contemporary society, men and women engage in this abhorrent crime. In far too many cases, these crimes remain unreported, undetected, or worst still, reported but ignored, covered up or swept under the carpet.

If you were ever a victim of child sexual abuse or exploitation, then I dedicate The Flower Angel novel to you. It is not an easy read, and in the latter part, includes references to events many readers will find disturbing.

My latest novel - The Flower Angel

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Dennis Sheehan (Author)